Year 2007
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, strawberry blonde hair
Name meaning Graced with God's bounty

Analise is a Poseable, yoga-themed Groovy Girl released in 2007.


Analise has strawberry-blonde hair with purple streaks, an open-mouthed smile, and blue eyes. She wears a sleeveless V-neck tank top with a blue top, zebra-print trim and a shimmery purple bottom. She also wears blue capris with silver trim and a pink flower appliqué. She is barefoot due to her yoga motif.

Name meaningEdit

Latin, "Graced with God's bounty"


  • Her hair is similar to Pilar's.
    • Due to this, she and Pilar are often mistaken for each other.
  • She, along with Andie, Anya, Adrianna, Aleika, and Ayumi were the first dolls to sport colored eyes.


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