Year 2007
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Blonde hair and light skin
Name meaning Warrior

Andie's a Poseable Groovy Girl from 2007, with a go-go dancer vibe.

Appearance Edit

Far-out! Andie is looking just snappy with her curly, short, pink-streaked blonde hair and big green eyes. Her shirt has a pink collar and is half yellow and half orange with white flowers. She also wears a pink belt with a smiley-face buckle. Her miniskirt is white and her leggings are black with white polka dots. She also wears pink go-go boots!

Name Meaning Edit

Greek, "warrior"

Short for Andrea.

Trivia Edit

She, along with Analise, Anya, Adrianna, Aleika, and Ayumi were the first dolls to sport colored eyes.


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