Shopping at Mod Threadz? Who does that?


Year 2004
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color White skin, blonde hair
Name meaning Angelic

Angelique is the main antagonist in the Groovy Girls TV Show and a doll who was released in 2004. Her voice is done by Annick Obonsawin on the show in the same voice as Karlene from Angela Anaconda.

Personality on the Show Edit

Angelique is the most popular girl in the whole school, and a fashionable girl who everyone looks up to when they want what they think are "the latest trends." However, the Groovy Girls don't like her at all. While she's popular and fashionable, she's also selfish, vain, and a total diva. This girly-girl embarks on a daily quest to be groovier than all the Groovy Girls (Main 6) combined, and she's always looking to humiliate the Groovy Girls as well. While the Groovy Girls shop at Mod Threadz, Angelique shops at Razzle Dazzle instead. She's always accompanied by Ayanna, and the two rarely disagree.

Appearance Edit

Angelique has the same smile on her face as Darci. Her skin is light, and her hair is long, blonde, and straight. Purple streaks highlight her hair. She wears a 60s-styled dress with a black strap and 4 sections colored orange, purple, magenta, and blue. She wears a pair of stockings which are purple with white dots and orange squares. She wears a pair of orange underwear over the stockings for some reason. Angelique wears a pair of go-go boots with magenta flowers on them.

Name Meaning Edit

French, "angelic" 

Trivia Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Her signature sound effect is a really high "LAAAAAA!" note called "The Diva Note." She sings it to express her divaishness.
  • Her signature laugh is a loud roaring laugh.
  • Her gesture of excitement is jumping and running around!
  • She, Ailene, Gwen, Cicely, Carissa, Celeste and Lakinzie are the few Groovy Girls known to have mascot suits made resembling them.
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