For once, Angelique, I don't agree with you. Just because I'm your best friend doesn't mean we have to be 100% the same.


Year 2004
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Dark skin, black hair
Name meaning Innocent, flower, beautiful flower, well-spring, colored vegetables

Ayanna is Angelique's BFF and a Groovy Girl released in 2004. On the show, Jessica DiCicco voices her in the same voice as Lynn from The Loud House.

Personality on the Show Edit

Ayanna has been Angelique's best friend for years, and the two rarely disagree on anything. Like Angelique, Ayanna is a girly girl, but not as much as a diva as Angelique herself. Even though she obeys Angelique's commands, she often only pretends to do so. This sassy girl loves to look her best and designs awesome outfits, most of which Angelique gets to wear and Oki is jealous of. She's on a mission to design cooler clothes than Oki, and the two can be considered total rivals. She also loves gymnastics and strives to be a better gymnast than Reese.

Appearance Edit

Ayanna is an African-American girl with black hair streaked brown in a single ponytail. She also has a pink flower in her hair. She wears an athletic top, pink and sparkly, with white sleeves. It has the phrase "Groovy" written in silver and the number "01" under it. Her skirt has circular designs in pink, orange, yellow, and white. She wears white tube socks with pink stripes and pink boots.

Name Meaning Edit

Hindu, "innocent"

Arabic, "flower"

Hebrew, "well-spring"

Japanese, "colored vegetables"


  • Ayanna is the rarest of the A Series Groovy Girls from 2004.
  • Her signature laugh is a chortle.
  • The flower in her hair is non-removable.


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