Binni Ballerina
Year 2006
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, purple hair
Name meaning Crib, wicker basket

Binni Ballerina is a Dreamtastic Groovy Girl from 2006. She was voiced by (add here!) in the Dreamtastic TV special.

Personality on the ShowEdit

Binni is Jennica's best friend who accompanied her on her trip to the Oneiro kingdom after winning the Royal Wedding sweepstakes. (More coming soon once I make the special's page and plot...)


Binni has purple hair in a ponytail. She also wears a silver tiara. Clad in a pink leotard to match her slippers, Binni also wears a purple tutu. She also has pink earrings and pink frills on the sleeves.

Binni carries a bouquet of pink roses.

Name meaningEdit

Celtic, "crib/wicker basket"


  • Binni Ballerina has also been seen under the name of "Binnie Ballerina".


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