Girls, girls, girls. Always worrying so much about how "groovy" they look, and wasting so much time mindlessly wandering through clothing stores. I hate every single one of them!


Year 2003
Gender Boy
Skintone and Hair Color White skin, black hair
Name meaning Light complexion and dark hair

Blake is a 2003 Groovy Boy. On the show Jeff Bennett does his voice.

Personality on the Show Edit

Blake is a bully, misogynist, and gamer. Or should I say video game ADDICT?! He's addicted to video games and his sole goals in life are beating his high scores and beating up girls...especially those Groovy Girls! He hates them and will do absurd things just to see them miserable. Starting in Season 3, Dylan accompanies him everywhere he goes and follows his every command. Blake uses Dylan's stupidity as part of his plans to beat up and make fun of the Groovy Girls, because Dylan is gullible and just plain stupid.

Appearance Edit

Blake has black hair and light skin. He could possibly be of Asian and Caucasian mixed-race. He wears an olive green hat backwards and a golden yellow t-shirt. Over the T-shirt is a maroon hoodie. Blake also sports a pair of jeans and golden yellow sneakers.

Name Meaning Edit

Old English, "light complexion and dark hair"
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