Boogie Shoes/The Great Reese-Ini
Season 4, Episode 8
Episode Number ?
Premiere Date January 19, 2008
Previous Episode The Cupcake Club/Cousin Craziness
Next Episode A Tale of Two Vanessas/O'Ryan's New Groove

Boogie Shoes/The Great Reese-Ini is episode 8 of the Groovy Girls TV Show, season 4. It premiered on January 19, 2008.


Boogie Shoes: O'Ryan pranks Oki by telling her that there's an all-new flavor of milkshake at the diner. When Oki goes to the diner, she ends up being led to a table where O'Ryan had already left a "fire alarm" button on the seat. Oki sits on the button and everybody has to evacuate the diner immediately, making Oki feel miserable. Oki is angry at O'Ryan and decides to get even after the prank...she'll prank all the other Groovy Girls! She gets the second-silliest person she knows, Kalvin, to help her. They think of some crazy prank ideas, like swapping Gwen and Vanessa's bass and electric guitar; putting skunk spray in perfume; and creating a "tornado" using a giant fan. Then, Oki comes up with the best idea! She and Kalvin go with the other Groovy Girls to Mod Threadz, where Oki buys a pair of platform shoes. When she puts on the shoes...she can't stop dancing! Everyone tries to get her to take off the shoes, but she can't take them off for some reason. What is everyone going to do? Gwen tries to use butter to pry the shoes off, but that doesn't work. Reese gets the girls to all pull at the shoes, but they still won't come off! After many failed attempts to get the kooky shoes off, Oki tells everyone that it was just a prank she and Kalvin pulled to get even on O'Ryan. Everyone is mad at first, but Oki says she will never pull a crazy prank again. They make up in the end.

The Great Reese-Ini: After seeing a commercial for a magic kit on TV, Reese buys it. She thinks she can be a great magician, but the kit seems to be a rip-off. After she feels ripped off by the kit, Reese decides to give up...that is, until she realizes she's flawless at magic without the silly kit! Reese and the Groovy Girls investigate where Reese's remarkable magical powers are coming from. It turns out the powers just came from Reese doubting herself at first - when she chose to not give up, it paid off and she became a magnificent magician.


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  • "Boogie Shoes" was named for the KC & The Sunshine Band song of the same name.
  • Brenna appears without Daphne in "Boogie Shoes."
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