Year 2003
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, brown hair
Name meaning Raven

Not to be confused with Brynna or Breanna.

Brenna is a Groovy Girl released in 2003. On the show Kari Wahlgren voiced her.

Personality on the Show Edit

Brenna is a fun-loving girl who is outgoing and athletic! This sporty girl hangs out with her BFF Daphne everyday, and the two are never seen apart. Since Daphne is so shy and only mumbles, Brenna serves as her "translator," repeating every single thing Daphne says so her friends can hear. Brenna loves to ride horses, especially her pet Calypso Callie! Brenna is always loyal to Daphne, as well.

Appearance Edit

Brenna has very long brown hair with bangs and pink streaks. Her hair is pulled into two braids. She wears a leopard-print short sleeve T-shirt and a pink skirt with a wide purple belt. Her fishnet stockings are orange and she wears purple mary jane shoes with platforms. The platforms have rainbow colored stripes on them.

Name Meaning Edit

Irish, "raven"

Trivia Edit

  • Breanna is often misidentified on websites with Brenna's name.
  • To voice Brenna, Kari Wahlgren uses the same voice she used for the character "Ketta" on Breadwinners.


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