Year 2003
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Dark skin, black hair
Name meaning Blind

Cicely is a very rare and hard-to-find Groovy Girl from 2003. She was voiced by Nika Futterman in a lower-pitched and less "harsh" version of the voice of Rosie the Rescuer from Doc McStuffins on the show during the few times when she spoke.

Personality on the Show Edit

Cicely is a background character who does gymnastics with Reese and plays soccer on Gwen and Vanessa's team. She also was a member of Angelique's "Radical Girls" as the "C" in "RADICAL." She shops at both Mod Threadz and Razzle Dazzle. Apparently she is in Mr. Goodwin's class.

Appearance Edit

Cicely is an African-American girl with curly black, short hair in partial pigtails. She wears an orange sweater with purple furry-trimmed sleeves. Her skirt is purple and teal plaid. She also has a maroon belt with a silver buckle. Her leggings are purple with darker purple polka dots. She wears maroon boots as well.

Name Meaning Edit

Latin, "blind"


  • Both her name and Sesilia's name have the same meaning due to coming from the same Latin root.
  • She, Ailene, Gwen, Lakinzie, Carissa, Celeste and Angelique are the few Groovy Girls known to have mascot suits made resembling them.
  • Out of the C Series Groovy Girls from 2003, she is the rarest.
  • She appears in the video of Language Nursery from 2004.
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