Year 2006
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, blonde hair
Name meaning Bright, clear

Clara was the Limited Edition Easter 2006 Groovy Girl, with a starring appearance in the Groovy Girls TV Show where guest star Hynden Walch did her voice.

Personality in the ShowEdit

Clara only appeared in the episode "Groovy Bunny." She was a shy girl whom the Groovy Girls mistook for the real Easter Bunny, so they all chased Clara hoping to get presents and a photo op. She was annoyed by them at first, since the reason why she had to dress in her gaudy garb was just so her parents could embarrass her by taking pictures of her in ugly Easter clothes for the "tenth year in a row". The Groovy Girls helped Clara, who was too shy to tell her parents that she was embarrassed, get out of her shell, and in the end they took Clara to Mod Threadz to buy her some new, non-embarrassing Easter clothes.


Wearing a green headband with a pink bow and yellow polka-dot bunny ears, one of which is flopping, Clara has blonde hair with pink streaks. She wears a pink shirt with a yellow collar and yellow bird graphic on it. She also wears a purple bow belt and a white skirt with orange, green, and purple Easter egg graphics on it. Clara holds a plush "chocolate" bunny and an egg-shaped yellow Easter basket with the year "2006" on it. She also has pink tights with yellow birds on them and green shoes.

Name MeaningEdit

Latin, "bright" or "clear"



  • Since she says her parents embarrassed her for the "tenth year in a row", this implies that Clara is definitely 10 years old or older in the show.
  • Elisa, the 2014 Easter doll, wears the same exact outfit as Clara.
  • To voice Clara, Hynden Walch uses a slightly older-sounding version of Summer from Henry Hugglemonster's voice.
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