Don't let Ayanna get you down, Reese. I think you're a great gymnast, and that's what matters, right?



This is Danika.

Year 2003
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Tan skin, strawberry-blonde hair
Name meaning Morning star

Danika is a Groovy Girl made in 2003. She is voiced by Nika Futterman on the show.

Personality on the Show Edit

Danika is a kind-spirited girl in Mr. Goodwin's class with the Groovy Girls. She loves gymnastics just like Reese, and the two sometimes hang out together. Danika shows lots of energy and is outgoing and friendly. She also plays soccer on Gwen and Vanessa's team. She speaks with a Mexican accent.

Appearance Edit

Danika has tan skin and the same smile on her face as Ailene and the 2004 O'Ryan. She has short, strawberry-blonde hair in a partial ponytail, and she has magenta streaks in her bangs. She wears a sleeveless blue shirt with purple accents, and a pink skirt with the words "Speak Your Mind" in various fonts and directions as well as flowers on it. The designs on her skirt are periwinkle and light orange. Danika has white and purple striped socks and vermillion boots with buckles and periwinkle soles.

Name Meaning Edit

Slavic, "morning star"

Trivia Edit

  • Reese sometimes calls her good friend Danika "Nika," which is probably an allusion to Danika's voice actor, Nika Futterman.
  • To voice Danika, Nika Futterman uses the same voice she used for Lola on CatDog.


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