Dreamtastic is a spinoff Groovy Girls line, and the only one from 2005-2006 that continued to be produced post-2009. The line consists of Groovy kids as princesses, fairies, kings, queens, and other fantasy-themed beings.

Initially, the Dreamtastics were sold with their own special tags, but nowadays the Dreamtastics' tags just are the same ones as "Groovy Girls Special Edition" dolls. No more new characters are being produced in this line since late 2015.

List of CharactersEdit


These limited edition Dreamtastics were made in 2011-2012.


  • The name "Dreamtastic" is a portmanteau of "dream" and "fantastic".
  • A line called Fairybelles replaced them in 2015.
  • A 45-minute-long Groovy Girls TV Show special based on the line and featuring all the characters from 2005-2007 was aired in March 2008.
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