Year 2006
Gender Boy
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, brown hair
Name meaning Great tide, flow

Dylan is a Groovy Boy released as part of the Poseable line in 2006. Jessica DiCicco does his voice on the show in the voice of "Zach" from The Loud House.

Personality on the Show Edit

Dylan is a total idiot who Blake calls his "BBFF" (bully best friend forever.) He shows a complete lack of common sense. Blake uses Dylan's stupidness as part of his plans to beat up and make fun of the Groovy Girls, because Dylan is gullible and just plain stupid. He also shows a ridiculously short attention span, and he gets distracted easily. He often plays with and twirls his hair, too. O'Ryan has a not-so-secret crush on him, and sometimes Yvette and her fight over him.

Appearance Edit

Dylan has light skin and curly, short brown hair. He has a blue jacket and an orange T-shirt with some text saying what looks like "BEACH ISLAND" and a graphic of a tropical island. He wears brown khakis and green flip-flops with blue straps.

Name MeaningEdit

Welsh, "great tide" or "flow"


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