Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae
Year 2006
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color White skin, red hair
Name meaning Bright shining one; pearl/kinswoman/there/bay

Ellie Mae is a Limited Edition Groovy Girl, made in 2006.


Ellie Mae is a 100% American cowgirl who has curly red hair in pigtails. Her red hair has pink streaks to match her hat, which is pink with the word "USA" on it in red, white, and blue. Ellie also wears a denim shirt with pink sleeves and a red star on it, as well as a cow-print skirt with red fringes. Her cowgirl boots are red and white.

Ellie also comes with a pink pet cow on a non-removable red leash attached to her wrist.

Name meaningEdit

  • Ellie: English, "bright shining one"
  • Mae: Anglo-Saxon, "kinswoman"; Greek, "pearl", Welsh, "there" or "bay"


  • Ellie Mae is the first character to have "Mae" as her middle name; Ruby Mae and Bella Mae would follow in her lead.
  • There is a possibility she was produced for the 4th of July.
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