Emmalee is a 2016 fan-created doll by WatermelonSunshine. She came from the line Pastel Dreams, a fan-made line of dolls.

Personality Edit

Emmalee might be quiet and shy when you first get to meet her, but once you grow closer with her, you'll see that she's got a heart of gold and a gentle demeanor. Her talents are cooking (especially cupcakes) and gardening.

She lives in Rochester, Minnesota.

Appearance Edit

Emmalee has pale-colored skin and curly, shoulder-length blonde hair complete with pastel blue streaks in it worn down. She has ice-blue eyes and wears pink glasses.

Emmalee wears a mint green dress with long sleeves, pleats, and a wide neck. It also goes off her left shoulder, exposing a pink strap. The dress is decorated with a print of an ice cream cone - the cone itself is lavender, and the scoops are white (vanilla), pink (strawberry), and pastel blue (cotton candy). Also on the ice cream cone is whipped cream, a pink cherry, and pastel colored sprinkles. SHe wears a pair of tall, boot-like sneakers which are white and black, and one scrunched-up, long pastel blue sock as well as a scrunched-up, long lavender sock.

Etymology Edit

A combination of "Emma" (German, "healer of the universe") and "Lee" (English, "pasture"/"meadow") which is also a form of Emily, a Latin name meaning "industrious".

Trivia Edit

  • Her favorite Fairy-Kei brand is called Marshmallow Magic.
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