Year 2008
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Brown skin, brown hair
Name meaning Peace, protection, safety.

Fenia is a Groovy Girl from 2008.

Appearance Edit

Fenia is a mixed-race girl with dark skin who possesses violet eyes and curly brown hair with pink highlights. She is wearing a red shirt with an abstract pattern, a shimmery blue skirt, white and purple striped leggings, and shimmery blue shoes with red soles. Fenia’s BFF is Tessa. Fenia lov3s to go skateboarding, and roller skating in her free time. She is also a basketball pro.

Name Meaning Edit

German, "Peace, protection, safety." Variant of "Fenja."


  • Fenia bears a striking resemblance to Petula from 2007, especially her hair.
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