Year 2013
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Tan skin, brown hair
Name meaning God is my strength

Gabrielle is a 15th anniversary limited edition Groovy Girl from 2013.


Gabrielle is looking sharp in her pink one-shoulder dress with mod multi-colored circles. On the shoulder of the dress is a blue ribbon, and a green belt adorns the middle. Also, a white ribbon trim decorates the bottom of the dress's skirt. Her orange tights and pink shoes are the icing on the cake for her outfit! Gabrielle has brown, curly hair with pink streaks to match as well as blue eyes. In her hair, she wears a silvery tiara with pink gems decorating it and pink earrings.

Name meaningEdit

Hebrew, "God is my strength"


  • Gabrielle has also been seen with the name "Gabriella" online.
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