Girls Will Be Guys/Family Time
Season 1, Episode 3
Episode Number 3
Premiere Date October 16, 2004
Previous Episode Fashion Mix-Up/Razzle Dazzle
Next Episode Gwen Gets Crushed/Gamer Girls

This is the third episode of the Groovy Girls TV Show which premiered on October 16, 2004.


Girls Will Be Guys: Vanessa decides to hang out with Sean when she realizes he likes soccer just as much as she does. However, she feels she'll be made fun of by the other boys...especially that bully Blake! This can only mean one thing...MAKEOVER TIME! The other Groovy Girls, with a little makeup and a little change of clothes, are able to turn Vanessa into "Vince," the soccer-loving, comic-book reading, PERFECT boy. Problems arise at school when Sean and Kyle can't find Vanessa anywhere, and Ailene is convinced that Vanessa really IS a guy named Vince...and develops a CRUSH on him! Ew!

Family Time: It's "Sleepover Movie Night" over at Oki's, and the Groovy Girls are watching an awesome movie about four friends who form a band and end up making it to Hollywood! Gwen is psyched for the party, but that all changes when her mom forces her to go to the river with her dad...and grumpy Grandpa! Gwen tries convince her parents that she'd much rather go to the party, but they say no. In the end, the Groovy Girls end up going to the river with Gwen's family, and they watch the movie on an inflatable screen that Grandpa brought.


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Girls Will Be GuysEdit

Vanessa: (looks in the mirror) Oh my gosh, I'm a-I mean...Yo! What's up?! I'm a dude!

(Gwen winks at Oki, who nods her head and smiles)

Oki: Now that you're a guy, you need a guy's name!

O'Ryan: Ooh! How about...Bob?

Vanessa: Uh, no.

O'Ryan: What about...Billy?

Vanessa: Ick, that's soooo cliche!

O'Ryan: I've got the bestest name ever for her! Billy Bob!

Gwen, Reese, Oki, Vanessa, Yvette: NO!

Family TimeEdit


  • The plot and title of "Girls Will Be Guys" are both similar to those of the episode of Nickelodeon's Zoey 101 entitled "Girls Will Be Boys".
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