Glitzville is the fictional setting of the Groovy Girls TV Show.


Glitzville is a beautiful city by the ocean where everything is colorful and, well, glitzy! This place with its eclectic boutiques, scenic beach, and lively residents is a great place to live, and it happens to be where the Groovy Girls and Boys call home.


  • Glitzville Elementary School
  • Retro Pop Diner
  • Glitzville Mall - home of Mod Threadz and Razzle Dazzle
  • Glitzville Community Park
  • A Step In Time: a vintage thrift store with lots of groovy clothes
  • Sweet Temptation Ice Cream
  • W-GLITZ radio tower and studios
  • Starshine River
  • Glitzville Beach
  • Glitzville High School
  • GTV Studios
  • Comix 'N' Things
  • Glitzville Cinema
  • Glitzville Post Office
  • Glitzville International Airport


  • Glitzville is located in an unknown East Coast state, due to its radio station being called "W-Glitz" and radio stations with a W call sign are east of the Mississippi River.
    • Parts of it are based on Florida and Connecticut.
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