This is a 2000-2002 educational DVD series that aired on YTV Jr. in Canada, CBeebies in the UK, and on Nick Jr., Playhouse Disney and select PBS Kids affiliates in the US. It focused on the kids' adventures in Groovy School. It is seen as the precursor to the two TV shows, the obscure Groovy Show and the Groovy Girls TV Show as the characters look the same and the K kids have the same voice actors as on the show (with the exception of Kendra.) It previewed in June 2000 and launched July 2000. Currently, it airs on weekdays as part of Funhouse Network's "Playground" block.

Characters in the Series Edit

Mr. James-the kids' teacher in the 2000 and 2001 DVDs with the S and K kids.  Voiced by Jeff Bennett in same voice as Man with the Yellow Hat.

Miss Cathy-the kids' teacher in the Season 2 (2001-2002) DVDs with the K, T and V kids. Voiced by Lily Tomlin in the same voice as Ms. Frizzle.

Jada-a Chinese-American girl who loves singing and playing pretend. Voiced by

Jacinda-a Hispanic girl with a love for all animals and plants. Voiced by Nika Futterman.

Josie-a girl who loves school and is very smart. Voiced by Debi Derryberry.

Jordan-a girl who loves to dance, play sports and sing. Voiced by Tara Strong.

Jayna-a slightly bossy and self-centered girl with a love for sports. Voiced by Tara Strong.

Janisse-an African-American girl who loves the ocean and jewelry. Voiced by Cree Summer.

Jackson-a boy who loves sports. Voiced by Cree Summer.

Jarrett-a boy who loves animals. Voiced by Chiara Zanni.

Sesilia-a girl who loves her world. Voiced by Annie Mumolo.

Siri-a really silly and funny girl with a love for making others laugh. Voiced by Debi Derryberry.

Solana-a Hispanic girl who loves dancing. Voiced by Grey DeLisle.

Sidra-a Jewish girl who is very smart and loves science. Voiced by Grey DeLisle.

Sarita-an African-American girl with a love for shopping. Voiced by Chiara Zanni.

Shika-a Korean-American girl who loves nature. Voiced by

Sean-a boy who loves basketball and outer space. Voiced by Annie Mumolo.

Samuel-a Pakistani-American boy with a love for reading. Voiced by E.G. Daily.

Kayla-a hyper and energetic girl who loves butterflies and cupcakes. Voiced by Nancy Cartwright.

Kelsey-a girl who loves rock music and who can play guitar. Voiced by Cathy Cavadini.

Kinzey-a tomboy who loves soccer, lacrosse, and softball. Voiced by Grey DeLisle.

Kami-a Japanese-American girl who loves gardening. Voiced by

Kendra-a Hispanic girl who loves everything to do with princesses. Voiced by

Karly-an African-American girl who loves mermaids and crafts. Voiced by

Kalvin-a boy who is a little bit weird and loves strange animals. Voiced by E.G. Daily.

Kyle-a boy who loves skateboarding and all sorts of extreme sports. Voiced by Nancy Cartwright.


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