This is the Groovy Girls cartoon's first CD. It came out in 2006. It features 10 awesome songs from Seasons 1 and 2 of the show.

Fun FactEdit

The CD was sold in 2007 in Canada. There, a portion of the proceeds from the CD went to DLTK's Sites of Alberta, a children's website company.


1. Groovy Girls Theme Song

2. Groovy World

(Episode: Band Together)

3. Go, Girl!

(Episode: Pop Stars in Training)

4. Mod Pod Blues

(Episode: Not-So-Mod Pod)

5. The Groovy Girl Rap

(Episode: Pop Stars in Training)

6. Together Forever

(Episode: A Snooperiffic Birthday)

7. Watermelon Sunshine (The Silliest Song Ever)

(Episode: Sing a Song of Yvette)

8. You Make Me Smile

(Episode: Britta the Songwriter)

9. Number One Fan

(Episode: One-Fan Band)

10. The Groovy Girl Theme Song Remix

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