Year 2004
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, red hair
Name meaning A word name

Hope is a Canada-exclusive Groovy Girl made in 2004.


Hope shows her love for her home country with a purple short-sleeve shirt with a green plaid collar that has a red maple leaf on it. Her sleeves also appear to have green plaid trim. "CANADA" is written in front of the maple leaf in white. Underneath it is a white text box with the words "Canuck Girls Rock!" in black. Hope wears a red skirt with purple dangling pom-poms as well as white boots that match with their purple fur lining. Her spring green and white striped tights match her shirt's collar, too! Hope has short red hair with purple streaks.

Name meaningEdit

A word name.


  • Hope is the second Groovy Girl to represent Canada. Victoria, made in 2002, was the first.
  • A "Canuck" is a Canadian.
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