Josh Harper is Reese's big brother who only appears on the show. Greg Cipes provides his voice.

Personality Edit

Josh is a former rock musician. He used to play guitar for a band with a few of his friends called "That One Band." He's also quite gross in some ways...his bedroom looks like a pigsty and according to Reese, "it smells like one too." While Josh enjoys his privacy and seems to have nothing in common with Reese, he still likes her. After all, that's what families do! They have a little bit of a sibling rivalry, and they love driving each other bonkers. Reese often calls Josh "Tush," much to his annoyance. To get back at her, he calls her "Peanut Butter Cup", "PB Cup", and "PBC."


He has short and curly brown hair, which is the same color as his sister's, as well as a bit of stubble in his upper lip area. He also has the same skintone as his sister. He wears laid-back, casual attire - he can often be seen in a T-shirt, a short-sleeved flannel top over it, and a pair of pants with either sneakers or no shoes and just socks.


  • He is, according to Reese, in high school.
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