Year 2005
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color dark skin, black hair
Name meaning Shining upon man

Kassi is one of the swimsuit-clad Groovy Girls (and boy) first produced in 2005. Cree Summer voices her on the show in the same voice as Teeny Teacup from Toddler Favorites: The Movie.

Personality on the ShowEdit

Kassi is one of Kylee's best friends. Kassi is the most tomboyish of the group, and she loves volleyball just like Kylee. She is a team player who is determined and athletic.


Kassi is African-American with curly black hair in pigtails. Her hair has an orange flower in it and pink streaks. She wears a halter bathing suit (dress) which has a green strap and a magenta rose on its orange belt. The dress is purple with green leaves and white hibiscus flowers on it. Kassi is barefoot since she is in a light bathing suit-dress.

Name MeaningEdit

Greek, "shining upon man"



  • Her signature sound effect is splashing water whenever she dives.
  • She has a toe ring.
  • Like her precursor Kali, the soles of Kassi's feet are the same color as the rest of her skin, which is unrealistic.