Year 2013
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Deep peach skin, red hair
Name meaning Pure

Katrina is one of the limited-edition 15th anniversary party Groovy Girls from 2013.


Katrina is dressed up for a perfect party, with her purple-streaked red hair tied up in a ponytail with a blue hair ornament. Her dress is purple with red ribbons both crossed on the dress and serving as straps. A yellow, blue, pink and red floral pattern adorns Katrina's dress, as does a purple petticoat and pink trim on the bodice. She wears red fishnets with purple sandals that have orange ribbon straps, in addition to red earrings. Also, her eyes are purple.

Name meaningEdit

A German form of the Greek "Katherine", meaning "pure".


  • One of Katrina's publicity images depicts her with tan skin as opposed to her usual deep peach skin.
  • According to her Manhattan Toy description, Katrina is always the most fashionable at the party and purple is her favorite color.


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