Year 2005
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Strawberry blonde hair, light skin
Name meaning Fire

Kenna is a beach-themed Groovy Girl released in 2005. She is one of four (including a boy). Grey DeLisle voiced her on the show in the same voice as Emily Elizabeth.

Personality on the ShowEdit

Kenna is one of Kylee and Kassi's BFFs! She loves the sand, sun, and summertime. She loves volleyball, and can be a bit clueless and naive sometimes. She is also the funniest of the three girls, and she makes Kylee and Kassi laugh a lot. However, most of her quips and witty one-liners are jokes about how Vanessa is better than the other Groovy Girls.


Kenna is strawberry-blonde with her hair in two floppy, bouncing pigtails. Her hair has pink streaks. She wears a yellow and orange bikini with pink hibiscus flowers. Her skirt is pink, yellow, and blue striped with a ribbon, and she wears it over her bikini bottom. A tiny silver anklet wraps around one of her ankles. Since she always wears a bathing suit, she is barefoot.

Name MeaningEdit

The feminine form of the male Kenneth, which is Gaelic and means "fire."


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