Year 2002
Gender Boy
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, blonde hair
Name meaning Narrows, channel, strait.

Kyle is a Groovy Boy made in 2002 alongside Kalvin. He is voiced by Nancy Cartwright on the show.

Personality on the Show Edit

Kyle's the super-cool and athletic boy in school. He's totally into sports, like soccer, basketball, and especially, skateboarding! Once he tutored Gwen in skateboarding, and the two became fast friends. Gwen has a not-so-secret crush on him, but he likes to think of the two as just friends. Big-hearted, always smiling, and an awesome friend, Kyle loves hanging out with Sean and Brandon, though he prefers not to accompany Sean on his schemes to prove his sister Britta is evil.

Appearance Edit

Kyle has light skin, dirty-blonde hair, and freckled cheeks like most of the early Groovy Boys. He wears a black T-shirt with a checkered flag design and the words "Hit The Road" in red and yellow. His denim blue jeans appear to be handmade and his sneakers are black with flames.

Name Meaning Edit

Gaelic, "narrows, channel, strait"



  • His pants on the doll are not very well-made; the Velcro comes apart easily and the pants fall down often.
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