Lana Ladybug
Lana ladybug
Year 2011
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, red hair
Name meaning Wool; cheerful

Lana Ladybug is one of the Dreamtastic Special Edition Flutterflies from 2011, and the most popular of the Flutterflies. Due to this, she is still being produced and sold today.


Lana's signature appearance is a girl with curly, unnaturally red hair streaked black. She wears her hair in a high ponytail. She wears a headband with black & white striped "antennae" that have red pom-poms on their tops. Her eyes are green and she smiles a toothy, open-mouthed smile. She wears a ladybug-inspired red and black big polka-dotted dress that has a white and black small polka-dotted top area and a white belt with a black ribbon. The dress also has a white petticoat and black ruffles. Wings are attached to the back of the dress. In addition, Lana wears black and white striped tights with red Mary Janes, as well as a black choker with a red gem and red earrings.

Name meaningEdit

Spanish, "wool"

Latin, "cheerful"


  • Like Starletta and Lakinzie, her outfit was also made into a Darling Dramatics dress-up set for little girls.
  • She is the most common of the Flutterflies due to her popularity.
  • Lana Ladybug appears on the front page of, and is also available as a coloring page on,


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