Year 2005
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Dark skin, brown hair
Name meaning Happiness, joy

Leticia is a Groovy Girl who was first released in 2005.

Appearance Edit

Leticia is African-American, and has the same smile on her face as 2004 Reese. She wears a green sweater with a purple fur trim. Her 70's-inspired skirt features flower and paisley patterns in yellow, green, purple, and pink. Leticia has pink boots with white pom-poms. Her brown, partially ponytailed hair is streaked pink, too.

Name Meaning Edit

Latin, "joy, happiness"


  • She slightly resembles Shayla.
  • Sesilia has been mistagged with Leticia's store tag for a short time in 2005.
  • Leticia's mini doll has tan skin as opposed to the dark skin on the doll. This is most likely an oversight.


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