Year 1998
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, blonde hair
Name meaning Helper, defender

Lexi's one of the VERY RARE original 4 Groovy Girls. She dates from 1998 and was voiced by the girl from the 1998 Reading Rainbow Funding Credits (her name is unknown) in the web series.

Personality in the Web Series Edit

Lexi was depicted as being gorgeous, but sometimes bratty. She really loves nostalgia, especially disco!

Appearance Edit

Lexi has blonde hair in the same bob cut as Lupé, Liza and Lucy. She wears an orange long-sleeved shirt (which shows her belly button) with a large pink heart. The skirt Lexi has on is green with red, yellow, and blue flower designs. Lexi has white and green striped tights and pink Mary-Janes.

Name Meaning Edit

Greek, "helper" or "defender"

Trivia Edit

  • Lexi is very similar to the character of the same name from A.N.T. Farm. Both are blonde, fashionable, girly, and "popular girls."
  • She was the first character to become a Supersize doll.
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