Year 2008
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Tan skin, dark brown hair
Name meaning A wolf

Lycia is a 2008 Groovy Girl from the RSVP line.

Appearance Edit

Lycia is ready for any fancy party! This sharply-dressed beauty has tanned skin and dark brown, almost black, hair in a ponytail with pink streaks. Lycia has big, blue eyes and a fancy pink dress. The dress has green halter stripes, a blue trim, and pink and green flowers. She wears blue tights, and green heels with pink flowers on them.

Name Meaning Edit

Greek, "a wolf"

Also the name of a region in Ancient Greece.


  • According to the now-defunct, Lycia was a zany girl who loved to dance to music. Her favorite color was hot pink and she lived in Seattle.


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