Groovy Girls Mini dolls were introduced in 2006 and were advertised as "poseable, portable, and totally collectible!" Each is 3" and is made out of rubber. Their arms and legs are bendable and they also have little accessories and playsets made for them.


List of Mini characters Edit

Characters only available as minis Edit

Playsets Edit

  • Tree Chic Treehouse
  • Fancy Footwork (comes with Nissa and Katrien)
  • Pedal Pushin' (comes with Bretta)
  • Sittin' Pretty Vanity (comes with Carina)
  • Horse of a Different Color (comes with Ellie-Mae)
  • Giggle and Shout (comes with Ronni and Alida)
  • Waves and Wheels (comes with Janna)
  • Best Friends Forever (comes with Maeve and Mallorie)
  • Dance 'n' Style
  • Mod Pod
  • Kickin' Kayak (comes with Kenna)
  • Sleepover Mania (comes with Carly and Dru)

Accessories Edit

  • Bodacious Bed
  • Bombastic Bunk Bed
  • Cyber Station
  • Supernova Sofa
  • Cheeky Chair
  • Speedster Car
  • Chi-Chi Dog and Kikko Cat
  • Groovin' Scooter
  • Beachy Lounger
  • Island Time Table and Chairs Set
  • Bodacious Booth
  • Splash Bash Pool
  • Table for Two
  • Rockin' Keys


  • The first Mini dolls ever were the Main 6.
  • The line was discontinued in 2009. Due to this, it can only be found at flea markets, garage/yard sales, and on eBay.
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