Mr. Goodwin is the Groovy Girls' and several others' teacher voiced by Jeff Bennett. He only appears on the show and is not available as a toy.

Personality Edit

Mr. Goodwin is usually grumpy and a downright bore to the children. You'd be especially unlucky if you sit in the front seat of his class like Yvette, because he spits when he talks. Most find him grouchy but he secretly has another, good side to him. He seems to have a liking to Oki and Samuel because of their smarts. He is also very strict and hates when kids break the classroom rules. Reese has started a trend of calling him "Mr. Bad-win."


Mr. Goodwin is a lanky, middle-aged man with light brown hair, a mustache, and a goatee. He wears business casual attire in shades of gray and white, as well as a pair of black dress shoes. He has a weird birthmark on the back of his neck, which is visible when his back is turned to the class.


  • He can't wait until he retires.
  • Whenever someone mentions his birthmark, they are given a threat that if they ever bring it up again, they'll be sent to detention. However, he never ends up giving people detention regardless of how many times they bring it up.
  • The Groovy Girls each have different opinions on what his birthmark looks like:
    • Gwen: A fluffy brown sheep
    • Reese: "Like someone spilled caramel syrup on his neck"
    • Oki: The shape of Kazakhstan
    • O'Ryan: A dog standing on his back legs just to get a treat, if you tilt your head
    • Vanessa: A brown cloud
    • Yvette: A cake gone horribly wrong
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