Year 2005
Gender Girls
Skintone and Hair Color Tan skin, red hair
Name meaning Victorious people

Nicole is one of the Chic Boutique Groovy Girls from 2005.

Appearance Edit

Nicole has long, straight, two-tone red hair in pigtails. She also is tan-skinned. She wears a light pink sundress with black flower designs all over it. The spaghetti-strap dress has pink ruffles on the top and bottom of it and three pink ribbons with black polka dots running across the top, middle, and bottom. The middle one is in a bow. Nicole's fishnet stockings are light pink, as are her heels. However, her shoes have black accents.

Name Meaning Edit

French/Greek, "victorious people"

Trivia Edit

  • Nicole is very similar in appearance to Kylee who came out the same year. Both are girls with long red hair and tan skin.
  • Nicole's straight hair is depicted as wavy in her publicity image.


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