Year 2011
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Tan skin, auburn hair
Name meaning Various, see below

Nina's a Groovy Girl who came out in 2011.

Appearance Edit

Nina has tan skin, purple eyes, and brown hair with red streaks. She wears a halter dress with orange straps, a neon yellow top, and a neon pink flower. Her dress has a neon yellow, red, pink, orange, and purple pattern. It is indigo on the inside of the skirt. She wears electric-lime leggings and pink leopard-print shoes with yellow heels.

Name Meaning Edit

Hindi, "beautiful eyes"

Quechua (ancient Mexican), "fire"

Spanish, "girl"

Swahili, "mother"

Greek, "flower"

Trivia Edit

  • Nina is the first Groovy Girl to wear all neons.
  • Nina's Manhattan Toy description claims she has a "flair for the dramatic".
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