Cartoon petula
Year 2007
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Dark skin, brown hair
Name meaning Seeker

Petula's a beach-themed Groovy Girl from 2007. Shayna Fox provided her voice when she appeared in the movie Groovy Girls: The Summertime of our Lives!

Personality Edit

Petula is an egocentric girl who always knows what she wants - popularity, especially if it's at camp! Despite seeming like a jerk when you first meet her, you will soon learn that Petula has a heart of gold underneath.

Appearance Edit

Petula is dark-skinned with curly brown hair in high pigtails. Her hair is streaked purple. She wears a purple, white polka-dotted tankini top with a golden stripe across the middle and an orange flower on the right shoulder. Her sarong, worn over a purple tankini bottom, is blue with flowers on it. She also wears zebra-print shoes.

Name Meaning Edit

Latin, "seeker"

English, claimed by Petula Clark (a singer)'s father to just be a combination of "petal" and "tulip"


  • She, just like Shayla, Savanna and Selia, has a different expression on her face in her publicity image.
  • She, in her cartoon form, appeared on the web page for Groovy Girls Minis on in around 2007.