This is Pilar.

Year 2007
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, strawberry blonde hair
Name meaning Pillar

Pilar is a Hispanic Groovy Girl who was released in 2007. She has a beach motif going on with her.

Appearance Edit

Pilar has shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair, with purple streaks and a big pink flower with a blue center in it. She has medium skin. She wears a blue tank top made out of a microfiber/spandex-like material. The tank top is printed with a nature design in various colors. Her shorts are orange with green pockets, and she has a pink belt made out of rope. On her feet are pink leopard print flip-flops which are green on the bottoms with purple straps. She has the same smile on her face as Trissa, Raelyn, and 2006 Trini.

Name Meaning Edit

Spanish, "pillar"


  • Pilar is the only Hispanic doll to have light skin as opposed to tan.
  • For some reason, the finger stitches on Pilar are longer than any other doll's.
  • She has similar hair to Analise.
    • Due to this, she and Analise are often mistaken for each other.
  • The flower in her hair is non-removable.
  • She looks identical to the red-haired girl on the surfboard of the 2003 Groovy Xtravaganza set, Surf Stuff.
    • There is a possibility her design was inspired by the girl, as Pilar was released after Surf Stuff was.
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