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Posh Party is a party themed limited edition Fun Pack from 2001. It comes with a doll named Sasha.

Description Edit

Sasha's hosting a fun fashion-themed party tonight, and has a wardrobe full of fancy outfits to show off to all her guests. She's ready to hit the dance floor and strut her stuff with a variety of different clothes to mix and match!

Appearance Edit

Sasha is a girl with light brown hair worn down. She wears a simple lilac sundress with magenta trim on the top, and magenta spaghetti straps to match. On her feet are a pair of removable sandals which are also lilac with magenta straps. Her feet feature detailed toes. Also included with Sasha are a leopard-print purple skirt, a white jersey-style tee with purple sleeves and a purple pocket to match, a fluffy magenta jacket, what looks like a royal purple pair of pants or a scarf, and a purple purse as an accessory.

Name Meaning Edit

Sasha is Russian and means "man's defender".


  • This was the first Fun Pack ever created.


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