Power Pixies is Gwen's favorite TV show, as shown in the webisode Cartoon Crisis and several times in season 4 of the Groovy Girls TV Show.


Power Pixies is a girl-oriented cartoon similar to existing shows like Pearlie, Sailor Moon, The Powerpuff Girls, and especially Winx Club. It contains action, morals, little humorous moments here and there...and, best of all, "positive female role models". The show focuses on a team of four fairies (and two animal sidekicks) called the Power Pixies who fight crime in the small town of Plainburgh. However, it is hard to follow along with the show if you've missed an episode of it, because the show's episodes often pick up where the last one left off.


Julianna Dazzle-Julianna is the main character of the show, and a brunette girl with a purple outfit and purple and green fairy wings. She is the leader of the Power Pixies. Reese claims that she is "a perfect Mary-Sue who could do no wrong". Annick Obonsawin voices her in the voice of Belinda from Ella the Elephant.

Joanna Dazzle-A blonde girl with a blue outfit and blue and purple fairy wings. She is Julianna's little sister. She is "sweet, shy, and still learning the ropes of being a Power Pixie". She is voiced by Kari Wahlgren in the voice of Chloe from Fairly Odd Parents.

Alexandra Shine-A red-haired girl who wears a yellow outfit and yellow and blue fairy wings, voiced by Jennifer Hale.

Savannah Twinkle-An African-American, black-haired girl who wears a pink outfit and pink and yellow fairy wings, voiced by Nika Futterman in the voice of Luna from The Loud House.

Fluff-A white rabbit with green and orange fairy wings.

Puffy-A pink poodle dog with orange and pink fairy wings.


  • Gwen is a dedicated fan of the show and keeps a box in her closet in her Mod Pod filled with Power Pixies merchandise. She even has toy wings like Julianna's and a Power Pixies talking T-shirt!
  • Savanna, as shown in "Spooky Sleepover", is a fan of Power Pixies, and her favorite character is Alexandra. Kyle assumed her favorite character to be Savannah due to the fact that they share a name, except Savannah's is spelled differently.
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