Year 2006
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color White skin, blue/white hair
Name meaning Dawn, bright

Roxanna is a rock star Groovy Girl from 2006.

Appearance Edit

Roxanna is an Asian girl with curly, bright blue and white hair pulled back into a ponytail secured with a pink holder. She wears a shimmery magenta tank top and a fuzzy purple skirt that has orange tassles at the end. She has a pink ribbon tied around her right arm, and a purple cloth wrapped around her left arm. She also wears shimmery green leggings and shimmery silver gogo boots with hot pink soles. She also has a green electric guitar slung around her shoulder.

Name Meaning Edit

Persian, "Dawn, bright"

Trivia Edit

  • Her publicity image depicts her with blushing pink cheeks.
  • Roxanna and Ayumi are the only Asian dolls without black hair.
  • It is unknown if her guitar is separate from her outfit or not.
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