Savanna is a very groovy girl
Year 2006
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Blonde hair, light skin
Name meaning A flat, treeless plain

Savanna is a Groovy Girl introduced as part of the Poseable line in 2006. She was also introduced as a non-poseable doll. She was voiced by Kath Soucie on the Groovy Girls TV show.

Appearance Edit

Savanna has long, blonde and curly hair in a ponytail. The non-poseable Savanna has blonde, straight hair instead. She wears a green blouse with a pink belt which has an orange, owl-shaped buckle. She has a blue skirt, pink stockings, and brown, embroidered Ugg-like boots. The embroidered designs on Savanna's boots are leaves and flowers.

Name Meaning Edit

Word name, meaning "a flat, treeless plain."  


  • She is the only doll who has variations between her poseable and non-poseable dolls' looks.
    • The variation is her hair texture.
  • Her publicity image depicts her with a different look on her face, just like the publicity images for Petula, Shayla and Selia.


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