You don't know what kinds of dirty secrets Britta could be hiding. That girl's evil!


Year 2001
Gender Boy
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, blonde hair
Name meaning Gift from god

Sean is a Groovy Boy from 2001. Annie Mumolo does his voice on the show.

Personality on the Show Edit

Sean is the sporty boy from down the street and a soccer star! He hangs out with Kyle and later, Brandon, a lot. He kinda likes the Groovy Girls, especially Vanessa who loves to play soccer, basketball, and roller-skate with him as he skateboards. However, he feels his sister Britta (a compassionate and sweet little girl) is secretly EVIL and will do the most absurd things just to prove it. Whether he plans on spying on her or snooping in her diary, Sean's always determined to prove his sister is evil.

Appearance Edit

Sean has bowl-cut blonde hair and freckled cheeks like some of the other Groovy Boys. He wears a blue hoodie with the word "Fuego" on it and green camouflage shorts. He also wears olive green sneakers.

Name Meaning Edit

Irish, "Gift from God"


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