Year 2006
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Light skin, red hair
Name meaning Moon

Selia is a Groovy Girl from 2006. She also was released as a Poseable doll. She was also a featured character in the Groovy Girls: The Summertime of our Lives! movie, where Debi Derryberry (in the DivaStarz "Alexa" voice) voiced her.

Personality Edit

Selia is depicted as a coolheaded bookworm.


She has red pigtail hair and casual clothes. She wears a blue shirt with purple sleeves and an orange bow in the middle of the collar. Selia also sports a pair of lavender and purple plaid capris and pink flats.

Name MeaningEdit

Greek, "moon"

Trivia Edit

  • Selia was also released as part of the Bedroom Bonanza playset.
  • Her publicity image depicts her with a different expression on her face, just like Savanna, Petula, and Shayla.
    • Strangely, the Bedroom Bonanza publicity image also depicts her with the different facial expression.


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