Shanelle is a character who only appears in the Groovy Girls TV Show. Kari Wahlgren provides her baby noises in a similar voice to baby Ivor from Henry Hugglemonster.


Shanelle is Vanessa's adorable baby sister who is sweet, silly, and fun-loving - most of the time. Like all babies, Shanelle has a tendency to cry - but Shanelle's problem is that she cries a bit "too much", according to her big sis. Despite this, the whole Gordon family still loves her.

Oki babysat for her in Groovy Girls: The Summertime of our Lives! Oki thought Shanelle was too much on her hands, and sung a calming lullaby to her to help her go to sleep - but it only worked the first time!


Shanelle has the same dark skin and dark brown hair as the rest of her family. In all her appearances, she wears the same outfit - a white onesie patterned with yellow, blue, pink, and mint-green dots on them and a pair of pink baby booties.


  • Her onesie is patterned the same way as her sister's 2006 doll's leggings.
  • She was somewhat based off of Shantelle from the short-lived Groovy Babies line.
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