Year 2006
Gender Girl
Skintone and Hair Color Dark skin, brown hair
Name meaning Fairy palace

Shayla is a Groovy Girl who was released in 2006. She is Poseable but was also introduced as a non-poseable character, too.


Shayla is African-American with dark skin, brown curly hair, and purple streaks in her hair. She wears a pink shirt with white lace and a furry blue jacket. Her skirt is mauve with a blue flower applique on it. Her Victorian-styled leggings are pink paisley and her red shoes have leopard-print heels.

Name MeaningEdit

Celtic, "fairy palace"

Trivia Edit

  • She slightly resembles Leticia.
  • Her alternative publicity image depicts a different expression on her face, just like Savanna, Selia, and Petula.


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