Sparkle-Mania!/Yvette's Got Talent
Season 2, Episode 1
Episode Number 27
Premiere Date November 2005
Previous Episode Tricks and Treats/Gwen's Nightmare
Next Episode ?

Sparkle-Mania!/Yvette's Got Talent is the first episode of the Groovy Girls TV Show's second season.


Sparkle-Mania!: Yvette and Oki are hanging out together at Oki's house. Oki sketches up fashion designs, and Yvette comments constantly on them. The girls then come up with the idea to make an official club outfit for the Groovy Girls to surprise Gwen and her pals. When they debut their sketch of the outfit at recess, the other girls like it, and they decide to bring it to life. However, when Oki feels it isn't as sparkly as she pictured, the girls add more sparkles. Reese says they're going a bit overboard, but the others disagree. But, when the sparkles ruin their daily life in Glitzville, they learn that too much of a good thing sometimes isn't that good.

Yvette's Got Talent: TBA
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