Spooky Sleepover
Season 4, Episode 2
Episode Number ?
Premiere Date October 20, 2007
Previous Episode Big Time Crush/Mistaken Identity
Next Episode No More Money Business/Radio Groovy

This is a half-hour special of the Groovy Girls TV Show which premiered on October 20, 2007.


The episode begins at Vanessa's house, as it's her turn to host the sleepover. After claiming they're bored, the girls come up with some ideas for fun activities to do: they could do a puzzle, but they already finished one hour ago; they could have a dance party, but they're too tired; and they could watch a movie, but Vanessa can't find her DVD collection. Gwen decides for the girls to tell spooky stories, so she goes first.

Gwen's storyEdit

Gwen's story starts on a spring day. She and her mom are cleaning out her room for spring cleaning, and Gwen finds an old Ouija board. Unsure on how it works, Gwen asks her mom for assistance, and she tells her daughter that it's supposed to be a magic board. Mrs. Bridges demonstrates. She asks the board, "What should I make for dinner?" Putting her hand on the thing that you move to the letters, she tells Gwen that you can "feel" where your hand should move to. The letters she moves to spell out "SPAGHETTI", and Gwen is amazed by the board. She uses the thing that you move to the letters and asks the board "What should I wear tomorrow?". The letters she moves to spell out "PINK SHIRT." After getting used to the mystical Ouija board, she decides to ask it one last question before dinnertime - "Who's meant to be with Kyle?" However, when she tries moving her hand towards the "G", she "feels" where her hand is supposed to go...the letters end up spelling out "SAVANNA", confusing Gwen. Gwen tries again. She asks a different question..."Who is Kyle's true love?" The letters spell "TRINI".

The next day, Gwen goes to the mall. At the food court, she notices Kyle with a brunette girl (Trini) and a blonde girl (Savanna) fighting over the affection of Kyle. The brunette girl wants to take him to a movie, while the blonde girl plans on taking him to the amusement park. Kyle just stands there, trying to tell the girls to stop fighting over something as silly as that, and he claims he will take them both to Movie Night at the amusement park. Gwen starts to wonder if those two girls are Savanna and Trini, since they both look unfamiliar to her...


Memorable QuotesEdit

TBA when the script is written.


  • This is the third Halloween special.
    • It uses the same title sequence and spooky instrumentation of the theme song as the other two, just with the Season 4 clips.
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