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This is a line of fragranced Groovy Girls produced in 2015.
Style Scents roster

Description Edit

"Style Scents is what these Groovy Girls and their adorable sidekicks are all about! Each doll has a spectacular scent and fab fashion! Manhattan Toy has partnered with Celesssence brand technologies, an innovative microencapsulation delivery system, to bring fragrances to each doll that is fruitylicious and fantastic."

Each doll has a sweet scent, depicted on their dress, and comes with a little pet friend (except Noelle). The scent is activated by squeezing the doll.

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Trivia Edit

  • They are the second line to come in boxes, not counting the spin-off Minis; the first being the Poseable dolls from 2006-2008.
  • The pets are unscented.
  • The boxes on their publicity images (save for that of Noelle) are actually prototype boxes - the real life ones actually say "Style Scents" on them.
  • They all have pink streaks in their hair.


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