Subway Sue is O'Ryan's favorite TV show, which was featured in the webisode "Cartoon Crisis". It is a spoof of popular children's TV shows in the 2000's featuring anthropomorphic vehicles, like Thomas the Tank Engine and Jay Jay the Jet Plane.


Not much is known about the show. It takes place in a huge city, similar to New York City. The main characters are anthropomorphic subway trains with "eerily realistic" (according to Oki) faces. In addition, an anthropomorphic taxi and several human characters, like a boy named Oliver who is best friends with the titular Subway Sue, were shown. The episodes are generally slow-paced and feature a monotonous, "snooze-fest" (according to Gwen) narrator pointing out the obvious. The show also features laughably bad voice acting from a male actor and a female actress.

Despite its flaws, O'Ryan loves it for some reason. She thinks it's relaxing and reminds her of "simpler times" (as in, when she was little). She especially likes the songs from the show and has a whole CD of Subway Sue songs.


  • Subway Sue is a pink subway train who is Oliver's best friend. She is spunky, has childlike innocence, and is known to worry a lot despite her sunny attitude.
  • Oliver is a blonde boy with his hair in a bowl cut and a English accent. He is a young teenage boy but he has a voice like a man trying to impersonate someone younger by doing a higher-pitched voice.
  • Gerald Grey Train
  • Boris Blue Train
  • Yosef Yellow Train
  • Tommy Taxi is a yellow taxi. Not much is known about him aside from that Oliver sometimes rides him and it makes Sue jealous.
  • A narrator with an extremely monotonous voice narrates the episodes, showing no emotion and pointing out close to literally everything that happens on screen.


  • All the Groovy Girls hate it except for O'Ryan, but Yvette does admit to having a "cartoon crush" on Oliver.
  • The boring narrator is somewhat of a spoof of the monotonous narrator on the PBS Kids show Boohbah.
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