Summer Rocks/Election is episode 8 of the Groovy Girls TV Show, season 3. It premiered on November 18, 2006.


Summer Rocks: The Groovy Girls are doing their annual Beach Concert at the beach. Gwen is ecstatic for the band to perform her brand-new song, "Rock That Style." It's a positive song about being yourself and having your own unique style. Everyone likes it...except for Reese. She would rather have the band perform HER new song, "Just Smile." It's another awesome song, about being happy. Everyone likes her lyrics, too! Vanessa came up with a groovy guitar riff to add to the song, but Gwen and Reese don't think it will fit in with either of their songs. Soon, an argument breaks out. By the end, they end up creating "Rock That Smile," a song which combines all the best parts from everyone's ideas.

Election: It's Gwen vs. Reese vs. some other girl named Sidra who isn't that popular in the school election for fifth-grade president. Gwen thinks she's going to win at first, but Reese devises a plan to win affection from the other students - she sells delicious treats for them. Gwen considers this cheating. In the end, Sidra ends up winning president, and the amount of votes Gwen and Reese get is a tie.


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  • Gwen's bathing suit in this episode is the "Beachwear Beau Monde" fashion pack.
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